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Here´s the full Q&A List, Ates Isildak did. It´s mostly dealing with stereotype questions about his band and future plans.
Thanks again, Mr. Isildak!

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neonliberal: Can you tell a little about your (musical) background and how did the band in Heaven started?

  • Ates Isildak: This band and the first set of songs put out for it were meant to be swan songs. I’ve been playing music for 11 years, quit my last band, and wanted to record the last set of songs I had in my head before quitting music for good. My best friend Lauren and I had just had a big falling out with our old roomates/bandmates, so we kept playing together. People were so supportive of our music that we kept playing, and have been a band for about a year now.
Might be a boring question, but: Why „the band in Heaven“?
  • The name is a reference to the Talking Heads song „Heaven„. The line „Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens“ really seemed fitting our droney, stark approach to songwriting. Maybe it is an admittance to being boring.

Pictures from Live-shows sow you and Lauren on keyboard and guitar and some other guy(s) on drums. „Just“ a support for gigs?

  • Lauren and I started the band in Heaven together, but we record with lots of different musicians, and experiment with that live sometimes too. We’ve played with many different drummers but Jack Chapman of the band Happy Town we use the most often. We used to play lots of shows and record with Tumbleweave’s Ben Mendelewicz. We’ll probably have a full band one day, but it’s just easier to work with a smaller set up at the moment.
The first bands that come to mind while listening to the band in Heaven might be shoegaze-classics like My Bloody Valentine or The Jesus and the Mary Chain. Are Bands like those actually your most important influence?
  • Both of those bands knew how to combine pop and noise in ways most bands can never really do. That is their biggest influence on our music. They hid their pop songs behind layers of noise, distortion, feedback, almost testing their audiences‘ commitment. I wouldn’t say they are our most important influence, but at the same time, we wouldn’t be a band if they hadn’t put out their albums. But I think the same could be said about so many bands making independent music at the moment.

Acccording to your profile, electronic music – like Aphex Twin, Air or Squarepusher  – seems to be important too!

  • Ambient electronic, dream-pop, drone and shoegaze all put me in a similar state of mind. They don’t feel as interactive as some other types of music, letting the listener drift off into their own thoughts. I love to listen to all those types of bands while I read, write, work on songs, idea, lyrics.

In my opinion you have also very much in common with bands you´ve played live with – No Age or The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – but with a more dark direction. Where do you see your band yourself?

  • We definitely have some songs that are „darker“ than many of peers, but we also have some songs that are just as „light“. We’d really like to be a band with different moods. I feel like many contemporary bands find their sound and never venture too far outside of it. I’d like our music to feel like The Cure’s, the way they have some songs/albums that are so  lighthearted/innocent, and some songs/albums (like the songs on Pornography) that are so dark and sinister. It’s a difficult thing to do, but I think it’s important to aim for, both for a band and for their listeners.

On your bandcamp page a live show recording can be found, also a split with Wives and some demos. Are there any plans on future (physical) releases?

  • We actually have a 2 (new) song tape coming out on a Florida label called NorseKorea and 2 of our first music videos coming out. All should be out by July. After that we are in the works with a U.K. label to put out 4 songs on a 7″ vinyl.
And can we expect you to soon be signed by a label?
  • We’ve been content recording our own music, putting out our releases on small labels, but if we get offered to work with someone that would be willing to put us on tour forever, we’d consider working in a difference fashion.
Is there anything else you´d wanna say?
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